Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison & Bob Dylan

May 17, 1998
The Gorge Amphitheater,
George, WA

From the Teddy Ballgame Archive

Recording: Schoeps Mk4 > Rmod > Sony-D7 > DAT @ 16/48 (14th row center)

Transfer: TascamDA-20mkII (DAT/m) > S/PDIF to AES > EdirolR-4Pro@16bit/48kHz (Oade Concert Mod)

Ted Mattes Master FOB Digital recording
Chris Mrachek Transfer
Edited & mastered w/ Audacity by Joe Noel
December 14, 2018

- Wind is present throughout the performances
- most notable during the first 15 minutes of the Dylan set.

In memory of 'Larry Sellers', our good friend Kris Wescott.

- Joni Mitchell setlist
t01 - intro
t02 - Night Ride Home
t03 - The Crazy Cries Of Love
t04 - Harry's House
t05 - Slouching Towards Bethlehem
t06 - Just Like This Train
t07 - Black Crow
t08 - Amelia
t09 - Hejira
t10 - Big Yellow Taxi
t11 - Face Lift
t12 - Sex Kills
t13 - The Magdalene Laundries
t14 - Moon At The Window
t15 - Woodstock

- Van Morrison setlist -
t01 - intro - Rough God Goes Riding
t02 - Fire in the Belly
t03 - Lonely Avenue
t04 - Ain't That Loving You Baby
t05 - Moondance
t06 - The Healing Game
t07 - Help Me,
t08 - Melancholia
t09 - Days Like This
t10 - Raincheck
t11 - Domino
t12 - Jackie Wilson Said
t13 - Cleaning Windows
t14 - Tupelo Honey -> Why Must I Always Explain
t15 - Whenever God Shines His Light
t16 - Full Force Gale
t17 - Northern Muse (Solid Ground)

- Dob Dylan setlist -
t01 - intro
t02 - Maggies Farm
t03 - Lay Lady lay
t04 - Cold Irons Bound
t05 - Just Like a Woman
t06 - Silvio
t07 - Roving Gambler
t08 - Tangled Up in Blue,
t09 - This Wheel's on Fire
t10 - Highway 61 Revisited
- encore -
t11 - It Ain't Me Babe
t12 - Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35

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[J.Noel 19 December 2018]

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