Neal Schons Journey Through Time
Fox Theater

Contrast Clause:

Audience Recording
Dat Master
Sony ECM909-Sony D8
Recorded by Transfered by Uploaded by
DIME member:sunvenusmoon
Run Time:around 2 hours 45 minutes

Gregg Rolie Keyboards Vocals
Neal Schon Guitar Vocals
Marco Mendoza Bass Vocals
Deen Castronovo Drums Vocals
Chris Collins Guitar Keyboards

Disc one 54:44
01-I'm Gonna Leave You
02-Look Into The Future
03-Just The Same Way
06-Walks Like A Lady
07-Feeling That Way
08-Any Time

Disc Two 55:49
10-Still They Ride
11-Separate Way (Worlds Apart)
12-Lovin Touchin Squeezin
13-Wheel In The Sky
14-Trial By Fire/Stay Awhile
15-Mystery Mountain
16-Of A Lifetime
17-La Do Da

Disc Three 47:58
18-Lovin You Is Easy
19-Nickel and Dime
22-Any Way You Want It
23-Don't Stop Believin'
24-Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen

Knowing there was to be metal detectors getting inside
I decided against running the 'heavy artillery' and chose
to use the Sony mic.More lightweight and compact.
After going thru the metal detector,the alarm went off
so security patted me down and found nothing so got my gear
in anyway.
Went down front in the pit ansd was dead center,a few yards
away from the stage.
Didn't like the massive-ness of the venue,very much like the
Warfield in S.F.,only larger.
The Massive P.A. systems are suspended from the ceiling
on the left and right of stage,too far away for recording off the P.A.
I knew this tape would come out 'average',but okay.
The first song has some 'technical adjustments' getting things going
and there was some level adjustments thru-out the entire show to
stay on top of things.
I prefer recording in small clubs,but it is what it is.
And it was a really great Classic Rock gig.
Thanks to KRW_co for the setlist.