Kansas City: K.C. and The Count
Rose Hall
Broadcast date: 2008:10-03

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Kansas City: K.C. and The Count óJoin our summit of swing. Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra romp through the Kansas City songbook of the Count Basie Band. Featuring Frank Wess (Saxophone) from the Basie Band.Jennifer Sanon - vocals

Announcer 1:32
Dickie's Dream 5:52
I Know that You Know 10:41
Blue & Sentimental 4:26
Lester Leaps In 6:02

Announcer 1:14
Dameron Stomp 4:28
Rock & Ride 4:46
400 Swing 5:09

Announcer 1:13
Good Morning Blues 4:43
Doggin' Around 6:04
Outro 1:25

Total Time: 57:42

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2d89a3dea463317067a5d2c052d43bd5 [shntool] 01 Announcer.flac
e1eea9866daf2e30d03f5c2b3cc9ff6c [shntool] 02 Dickie's Dream.flac
9a6f43a17b90fb80918c8965eb5b0864 [shntool] 03 I Know that You Know.flac
0db74bde7993cd5fe2cf6d622c9d258d [shntool] 04 Blue & Sentimental.flac
fe587d0737896f2217b551af34fe8984 [shntool] 05 Lester Leaps In.flac
35e69d7ed14f61a38d63331d3856b419 [shntool] 06 Announcer.flac
4b21b50c54721a3d3aa499f19298ee5e [shntool] 07 Dameron Stomp.flac
cdcd3521e375db8c8f4fecfdbf1ff763 [shntool] 08 Rock & Ride.flac
9869bc806300c62ad9a9b21d377e4f5b [shntool] 09 400 Swing.flac
56692bfa2b16c9c9c45220eec1b0852a [shntool] 10 Announcer.flac
b61aefed00bc310aa420c3c35f16820f [shntool] 11 Good Morning Blues.flac
6a54f81940d4b603b55b71711a3f0ba8 [shntool] 12 Doggin' Around.flac
76c2a44fb6dd518eb6305d55454e3e0e [shntool] 13 Outro.flac

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