KC And The Sunshine Band
Alaska State Fair
Borealis Pavilion
Palmer, AK
August 21, 2014

** 16 BIT **

Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6P w/3-way lo-cut filter (@ 80hz, middle setting) > Edirol R-09 @ 16 bit/44.1 kHz
Mastering: .WAV > Sound Forge Pro 11.0 (Build 299) (iZotope Mastering Suite (declick); WAVES GEQ CLASSIC Stereo equalizer plugin (see settings below); Sony Wave Hammer plugin (lower loud screams and whistles); minor edits, normalize, & fades) > CDWav tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (level 5) > FLAC > TagScanner 6.0.18 (tagging)
Location: DFC, non-drinking side, about 15th row
Recorded by: Steve "ballsdeep" Hagar
Mastered by: Dennis Orr (with EQ settings by Steve Hagar)

Setlist: (1:28:09)
01 Intro
02 Shake Your Booty
03 Boogie Shoes
04 Chat
05 Please Don't Go
06 Chat
07 I'm Your Boogie Man >
08 Keep It Comin' Love >
09 Do You Wanna Go Party
10 Bang Bang >
11 Chat (with Do Ya Think I'm Sexy tease) >
12 Keep It Comin' Love >
13 Intro > Rock Your Baby
14 Give It Up >
15 Brick House >
16 Shake Your Body >
17 Give It Up
18 Foxy Lady tease >
19 Jam (with Bass & Drum solos)
20 Instrumental Jam
21 That's The Way I Like It
22 Intro Jam > Get Down Tonight >
23 So Glad We Got Together
24 Encore Break
- Encore -
25 Bring It On Home To Me
26 Stand By Me

Harry Wayne ("KC") Casey - lead vocals & keyboards
Maria De Crescenzo - backing vocals
Anika Ellis - backing vocals
Fermin Goytisolo - percussion
Robert E. Lee - keyboards
David Simmons - drums
Chris Cadenhead - keyboards
Jeffery Reeves - lead guitar
Steve Lashley - bass
John Reid - trumpet
Francisco Dimas - trumpet
Fernando Diaz - saxophone
Miles Fielder - trombone
Kenetha Morris - dancer
Janell Burgess - dancer

Mastering Notes:
EQ Settings:
40 Hz - minus 12 dB
63 Hz - minus 10 dB
100 Hz - minus 12 dB
160 Hz - minus 10 dB
250 Hz - minus 6 dB
400 Hz - minus 2 dB
630 Hz - minus 6 dB
1.6 kHz - plus 4 dB
2.5 kHz - plus 2 dB
6.3 kHz - plus 4 dB
16 kHz - plus 2 dB

Show notes:
What the FUCK was I doing taping this?

Well, longer story short, I have a great contact at the Fair. She hooks me up with Fair admission, parking, and show tickets, and I provide her copies of what I tape that she wants (which really isn't much).

This particular year was a pretty interesting run, that being this show / Seether / day off / Bachman/Turner with BOC / day off / Tesla.

Or, 4 shows over 6 days...probably $600 once you consider 2 tix per show, and all the fixins.

So I went down one day early (since I have a buddy from high school who lives less than 2 miles from the Fairgrounds, it's a 300+ mile drive each way for me), and I gots to say, this is a FUN show to listen to (just look at the setlist).

KC was in fine spirits (it was a beautiful sunny night, which he talks about, as it caused him to sweat like a stuck pig), somewhat funny, and his band was top notch!

Or, I've listened to this show many many times (great "housecleaning music").

The master is quite bassy, and we used severe EQ on the low end to make it manageable...check out the samples!

He goes by Dennis, but could go by "Mr. Sunshine" as far as I'm concerned (he did this one up begrudgingly, the opening sentence was his initial reaction after I sent it to him)/

Show him the love with some snatches, and some "thank yous".

I'll just get back to doesing what I does best.

---ballsdeep OUT!!!