The Legendary KFAT Tapes
Recorded during 1980 with Clifton Chenier, Earl King, Dr. John, The Neville Brothers, and Charlie Musselwhite.

Source: copy off of original taper's reels, taped off the air at the time. Much work and editing in soundforge pro, transferred to cd, flac, and now you!

Notes from a few years ago:
This set of performances was rescued from some open reel tapes of broadcasts from the late, lamented KFAT radio in Santa Cruz in 1980. I spent a long time on these, and the flaws that are left-the occasional droputs, two songs that end early because the reel ran out on the taper-are quite minor compared to the originals!

However, after spending a few days with the tapes, I got to know the music and performances quite well and what a joy they are indeed! The late Clifton Chenier is in fantastic form here-his mix of blues and cajun styles was unique and very potent. I've gained a new respect for him. Earl King is so very underated and underappreciated but his set with the Nevilles smokes and leaves me wanting more.

The Neville Brothers set (three years after the band got together) gets better with every listen. Lastly, Musselwhite's track is great-it's too bad that's all I have!

Since those notes, Earl King has also died, and I have discovered a few more KFAT performances in the archives, so I'll add those later. In the meantime, I've wanted to share this set for a long time. The Hanging Dog label booted this a few years back, but I haven't seen it circulate for a long time, so I think it's time to bring it back.

I always hate having things where I don't have all the track listings, and here's another one. There's some terrific artwork ready to go save for those track listings, so please, please, someone drop in with those titles so I can upload that.

CD One
Tracks 1-14
Earl King with Dr. John, Art & Charles Neville, Smokey Smothers, Victor Neville
01. trick bag
02. nightime is the right time
04. your love means more to me than gold
05. always a first time
06. lonely nights
07. make a better world
08. let the good times roll

The Neville Brothers set
09. intro
11. the devil is on the loose
12. she's a lady
13. house on a hill

CD Two
Tracks 15-31

Clifton Chenier with the Red Hot Louisana Band
15-30 unknown titles
(15-17 first set, 18-30 second set)

Charlie Musselwhite
31. unknown

Please do not convert to mp3!