KVHW 1999-04-28 Crystal Ballroom Portland Oregon a850c's.qdat.v5 spitzy 2448

Live concert @
Crystal Ballroom
Portland Oregon


Source: Next To Board 8ft high, Apex 850 > Zefiro Inbox> Sony D8 >
Lineage: Tascam DA 20MKII > EurorackMX 1804X > Tascam DR680 24/48 SDHC > Audition CS6
Scanner: Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.4
Addeddate: 2020-03-30 08:34:58 - Iarch.

taping and transfer by: Chad "Spitzy" Spitz
Volume 5 in my quarantine 2020 DAT transfer Series

dl from https://archive.org/details/etree 2020-04-24 rx. My thanks to them and to the band and taper.
torrent > Transmission 2.94 > iMac 3.6 GHz (OS 10.15.5 Catalina) > xACT 2.48 (st5) > Transmission 2.94 >
checksum files with original spectograms included

-- This is a 24bit/48k source not suitable for CD's. I'm supposed to say that. Having done so. if you burn to CD's for your own use or to share, many burn programs will auto-convert to 16/44.1 for CD users. If your player accomodates, burning to an audio DVD at 24/48 will preserve the quality of the music. So will listening from your HD. Please don't convert to lossy files and trade those.

01. Funk B4 Funk
02. You're The One
03. Pau Pau Go >
04. Green People Jam** >
05. Pau Pau Go
06. Point Of No Return
07. Spring Water

** several men/women, painted green, danced topless thru the crowd following the Goddess of Ganja (a huge fine bud atop her head). They then wove their way onto the stage and undulated briefly.**

KVHW opened for Jazz Is Dead

The Band:

Steve Kimock (guitar)
Bobby Vega (bass)
Alan Hertz (drums)
Ray White (vocals and guitar) (ex-Zappa)

Wikipedia (2020-05-03)

KVHW was an American rock band, that was active and toured nationally from January 1998 through December 1999. The band's name came from the last names of its four members: Steve Kimock (guitar), Bobby Vega (bass), Alan Hertz (drums), and Ray White (vocals and guitar). However, White was replaced by other musicians for some shows: Terry Haggerty replaced him from May 13, 1999 through July 5, 1999, and Ike Willis (ex-Zappa) and Chip Roland sat in for some shows without White in December 1999. Jimmy Herring also filled in for several shows following White's departure. Haggerty continued to play with the band through October 3, 1999.

The band's repertoire mostly consisted of original songs, songs from Steve Kimock's previous bands, and a number of covers of Frank Zappa songs.

"The modern-day Composer refuses to die"
edouard varese - fz.
evidently this is a bit of a mis-quote but I think not by mistake.

Great thanks to everyone concerned for this nice music. I would like to find the others in Chad's "quarantine 2020 DAT transfer Series". This recording seems like a good introduction.

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