Kaiser Chiefs
Super Bock Super Rock Festival 2013
Meco, Sesimbra, Portugal
19 July 2013

Lineage: SONY XO-D20 FM Receiver -> Sony 5 bands EQ -> M-Audio Quattro -> Audacity (tracksplitting and fades) -> TLH -> Flac (level 8)

NOTES: Complete concert broadcast, but incomplete concert. Setlist taken from the net, maybe it's wrong.


(Everything Is Average Nowadays)
(Everyday I Love You Less and Less)
(Heat Dies Down)
01. Little Shocks (fades in)
02. Like It Too Much
03. Good Days Bad Days
04. Na Na Na Na Naa
05. Take My Temperature
06. Misery Company
07. Modern Way
08. Coming Home
09. Never Miss a Beat
10. Ruby
11. I Predict a Riot
12. Angry Mob
13. Oh My God (fades out)

Total time: 56m 55s

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