Kaki King
NPR's "In Performance"

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1. Playing With Pink Noise 3:27
2. Ingots 4:48
3. Untitled 4:03
4. Neanderthal 2:45

In Performance
Kaki King, Queen of the Acoustic Guitar

by Liane Hansen

Acoustic guitar whiz Kaki King

Acoustic guitar star Kaki King polished her distinctive technique in the New York City subway.

Kaki King, Live at NPR

* 'Playing with Pink Noise'
* 'Ingots'
* 'Untitled'
* 'Neanderthal'

Weekend Edition Sunday, November 21, 2004 Acoustic guitarist Kaki King honed her unusual fingerstyle technique playing in New York City subway stations. She does amazing things with the simple six-string: she slaps the wood, rubs the strings and hammers her fingers over the frets. In short, she treats her guitar like a percussion instrument, creating a sound that one reviewer describes as "somewhere between funk and flamenco."

She dropped by recently to visit with NPR's Liane Hansen, show off her distinctive style and talk about her new CD, Legs to Make Us Longer -- produced by another innovative guitarist, David Torn. And as a bonus, she played an untitled track that hasn't been released yet.