Kaki King at the Paradise, Boston, MA, October 23, 2006, Audience Recording, remake

This was recorded onto Maxell XLII cassettes with Sony TCS-580V, built-in stereo mics. Transferred to Maxell Music Pro cdr's with Pioneer PDR-509 cd recorder. Wav files were made with Roxio Easy Media 8, flac with Flac Frontend.

The sound quality on this gets a B. There is a bit of whirring from a vent or something, a little quiet chatter here and there, some microphone clunks. Otherwise, the band sounds very nice. Her band on this show is Dave Archer on keyboards, Matt Henkle on drums, and Dan the sound man on occasional trumpet. I recorded this from the lower balcony on stage left, about 10 feet from the stage. There are a lot of A+ audience and soundboard recordings of Kaki available, but I didn't see any mics at this show, and the new stuff is really heavy. Also, tape flips occur at the end of tracks 06 and 12. There's a fade between tracks 11 and 12, as that's when disc one ends.

Thanks to everybody who jumped on this when I added it before. I made the torrent, all was well, it was seeding, I went to bed, my power went out, I then couldn't get it to restart. I appreciate the comments, and I'm sorry it fell through. Try to love me anyways! Thanks again, and enjoy.

01 - ...Until We Felt Red
02 - Yellowcake
03 - I Never Said I Love You
04 - Doing The Wrong Thing
05 - Goby
06 - You Don't Have To Be Afraid
07 - First Brain
08 - Angeles
09 - Playing With Pink Noise
10 - All The Landslides Birds Have Seen Since The Beginning Of The World
11 - Dave And Matt Jam - Carmine Street
12 - Jessica
13 - Soft Shoulder
14 - These Are The Armies Of The Tyrannized
15 - Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers
16 - Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
17 - Unknown Title Jam