Kaki King at the Paradise, Boston, MA, April 05, 2008, audience cassette recording.

This was recorded with Sony TCS-580V stereo cassette recorder, with built-in mics. The Maxell II tapes went from Onkyo TA-RW 313 into computer with Audigy Soundblaster SE. Cdrs and track markings made with Magix Music On CD And DVD program. CDRs converted to wav with Roxio Easy Media 8, and flac with Flac Frontend.

The sound quality on this gets a B+. It sounds pretty good, though it has an airy tape feel to it. It was recorded from the balcony against the wall on the drums side of the room, with the recorder sitting on the railing/ledge along the balcony. The recorder was about 3 feet away from the Zoom recorder, which I posted my partial recording of earlier today, so the ambience/crowd noise is virtually the same as the Zoom source. This is the complete show. Tape flips occur at the end of tracks 09 and 15, and I eliminated any blank space. I made disc two start at track 15, but 16 would be just as sensible a place to start. The show itself was amazing. I've yet to see her put on a bad show here in the Boston area.

Enjoy - don't sell, no mp3 trading, and give credit when it's due. Cheers!

01 - Bone Chaos In The Castle.fla
02 - Life Being What It Is.flac:4
03 - Pull Me Out Alive.flac:84beb
04 - Sad American.flac:e0e4dd92bf
05 - Saving Days In A Frozen Head
06 - So Much For So Little.flac:f
07 - Soft Shoulder.flac:fcb2e7bcd
08 - Yellowcake.flac:dff73a49dcf3
09 - Magazine.flac:fd6c9358492c91
10 - Goby.flac:f60c70e94b3b94aaee
11 - Night After Sidewalk.flac:d5
12 - Montreal.flac:6ebb7f558ba88d
13 - Jessica.flac:f8df823cf469c55
14 - Two O'Clock.flac:2d33803d454
15 - An Horse.flac:b71257a6b3d6c7
16 - You Don't Have To Be Afraid.
17 - Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers.
18 - Doing The Wrong Thing.flac:a
19 - Fashion Tattoo.flac:7b0e78aa