Kaki King at the Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, August 12, 2009, audience recording.

This was recorded with Zoom H2 with internal mics, still set the same as new, on the middle mic gain setting. H2 lined into computer by USB, wav sent to Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 12. Magix program was used for volume boost, track markings. Flac created with Flac Frontend.

The sound quality on this gets an A, possibly an A- for the few problems. First off, I was late - good 'ol MBTA. I probably missed 15 to 20 minutes. When the recording starts, there is a song already in progress, and there are three or four loud clunks from settling in with the recorder. The audience applause is particulary over-bearing at the end of track one. I attempted to make a version with the crowd sound cut back, but it really didn't sound natural. And, track 05 is cut in, as I took a bathroom break just before her second set started, and I took a little longer than I thought I would. As good as I think it sounds, I recorded at a very low level, to the point where Magix couldn't boost it much, so crank it up, at least until the crowd cheers.

Any problems aside, this is a pretty nice recording of a great show. I was in the very last row, next to the soundboard (no, it didn't once occur to me that I should ask to patch...). The show was supposed to be outside in the courtyard, but it was a rainy night, so it was moved to an auditorium inside the museum. Possibly one of the best sounding rooms I've ever been in. I need to point out that I should've been able to name all of the songs with Unknown Title for a title, but all of my shows and cds are packed for a big move, and I can't reference anything right now. The first unknown title is an improvisation, though, and is quite a sonic experience.

01 - Playing With Pink Noise cut in
02 - Doing The Wrong Thing
03 - Kaki Speaks 1
04 - Night After Sidewalk
05 - Unknown 1 cut in
06 - You Don't Have To Be Afraid
07 - Unknown 2
08 - Unknown 3
09 - Unknown 4
10 - Kaki Speaks 2
11 - Magazine
12 - Kaki Speaks 3
13 - Carmine Street
14 - Kaki Speaks 4
15 - Gay Sons Of Lesbian Daughters

Enjoy - don't sell, trade as lossy, and give credit to crematia13 when posting elsewhere.