Kal David & The Real Deal, Tacoma, WA. May 18th 2007

Kal David & The Real Deal W/ Lauri Bono
Tacoma, WA
May 18th 2007

SBD/AUD Matrix

Taper: fubb
Lineage: SBD(XLR)>JB3(48000)>HD(firewire)
CA STC-11 Cardiod mics>CA 9000 Pre Amp>Edirol R-09(48000)>HD(USB)
Both sources multi-tracked together via Adobe Audition, sampled down to 44.1>goldwave(cues)>Flac

No Artwork

More on kal david at kaldavid.com or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kal_David

no EQ was done to this recording...enjoy and support this artist by attending his shows and buying official merchandise

Disc one:
1.Honky Tonk
2.Oh,Pretty Woman
3.After The Sun Goes Down
4.Sweet Sixteen Blues
5.Before You Accuse Me
6.Heart Of Stone
7.My Oh my
8.Shadow Across The Land
9.I Don't Want Nobody
10.While My Guitar Gently Weeps
11.Johnny B. Goode
12.Black Cat Bone

Disc Two:
1.A Good Fool Is Hard To Find
2.Back Door Man
3.Tin Pan Alley
4.Killin' Floor
5.Help Me
6.Don't Break My Heart
7.I Who Have Nothing
8.Take What I whant
9.Nothin' New