Kansas Live At The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium 1977-01-14 Reel-To-Reel AUD Master complete show (First time in circulation)

Cmon, the group that did "Carry On Wayward Son" listed as Progressive Rock? You Betcha!

They sound like ELP at times, and like Genesis at others. They even play complex musical interludes... but to cast them off as another '70's FM band is simply wrong.

Make no mistake, they aren't stuffy or serious about their music either. Check out the pre-wired band intros, or the fact that they are playing that Cossack Dance (btw, please provide track corrections!).

This recording is from a much later time period than the 1972-3 concerts I have been posting from this group of master reels. Why there is a four-year gap I have no idea, but there you are. The recording quality varies from good to outstanding.


Carry On Wayward Son
Icarus (Wings Of Steel)
Down The Road
Mystery And Mayhem
Lamplight Symphony Excerpt
Lonely Wind
Funky Band Intros
Miracles Out Of Nowhere
Guitar Solo
Sweet Child Of Innocence
Magnum Opus
E1 Song for America
E2 Violin Solo
E3 Cossack Dance
E4 Cheyenne Anthem starts at the bridge part 1
E5 Cheyenne Anthem part 2

Lineage: MR reel to reel 7.5 IPS ->Sound Forge 6.0 ->FLAC via Flac Frontend level 6, sectors aligned and verified.


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