Milwaukee, WI - Riverside Theatre
April 17 1987

Audience recording - Special thanks to agalli for allowing the snail mail trade.

Contrast Clause: Compared to: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=377603
This is most likely an upgrade (less hiss), includes "All I Wanted" and almost 10 more minutes in the form of the final encore.
This is the best quality for this recording to date. I left it as I had received it, even the awkward separation in 'Musicatto'.

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01. Intro
02. Musicatto pt 1
03. Musicatto pt 2
04. Point Of Know Return
05. Paradox
06. Stage Chat
07. The Wall
08. All I Wanted
09. intro to Tomb 19
10. Tomb 19
11. Hold On
12. Intro's
13. Up In The Air
14. Dust In The Wind
15. Secret Service
16. Mysteries and Mayhem - Blue Jay Way
17. Power

18. We're Not Alone Anymore
19. Play The Game Tonight
20. Steve Morse solo / Silhouettes In Disguise
21. Carry On My Wayward Son
22. Crowd - Drum Solo - Portrait (He Knew)

Steve Walsh: vocals
Greg Roberts: keys & vocals
Billy Greer: bass & vocals
Phil Ehart: drums
Richard Williams: guitars
Steve Morse: guitar & vocals