Reunion tour
Akron, Ohio 05 july 1997
Complete show.
one of the first shows of the 1997 Reunion Tour

I've received this concert in a trade. It was not indicated the exact date. Only the year. So I've made some difficult research and it is quite probable that the 05 july 1997 is the correct date.
If anybody knew something more about it please tell me.

Soundboard recording. B+. Good quality but it can be improvable.
EAC for wave files, then DBpoweramp for flac files (4)


01.point of know return
02.opus insert
03.miracles out of nowhere
04.song for america
05.misteries and mayhem/lamplight simphony/the wall
06.cheyenne anthem
07.reason to be
08.hold on
09.child of innocense
10.journey from mariabronn


01.on the other side
02.icarus-borne on wings of steel
03.dust in the wind
04.carry on wayward son

Steve walsh: vocals, keyboards
Robby Steindhardt: vocals, violin
Rich Wiliams: guitars
Billy Greer: vocals, bass
Phil Ehart: drums

What can I say. Fantastic concert. Great set list with some songs performed for the first time in ages: Reason to be, Chilkd of Innocense, Icarus, On the other side...