Horseshoe Casino
Tunica, Ms.

16 bit / 44.1 KHz


Back Row Center Floor Section
2 Seats left of soundboard
mics taped to an undershirt on my shoulders !

CA-11 mics >SP-SPSB-8 >Roland R-05
16 bit dithered w/ Izotope Rx ver.2

01. Paradox
02. Point of Know Return
03. Song Of America
04. The Wall
05. Hold On
06. Dust In The Wind
07. Can I Tell You
08. Journey from Mariabronn
09. Miracles Out of Nowhere
10. Portrait (He Knew)
11. Crowd
12. Clowning Around
13. Fight Fire With Fire
14. Carry On My Wayward Son

Super Special Thanks to rn for mastering !

This show was alot of fun.The audience was fantastic. Just a couple clappers and one question answered by me.The guy two seats over asked if this was the original line-up.They have changed the setlist up a bit since I last saw them.Journey from Mariabronn was a special treat.during 'Clowning Around" a stage hand came out dressed up in clown suit came out on stage and did a jig and then ran around the stage like a nutt.Funny stuff.After the show one of the stage crew was throwing drum sticks out into the crowd.Almost had one...ohhh well.I got a nice recording as a souviner.
I Hope you Enjoy this as much as I did !

Please Do Not redistribute this recording in lossy formats.

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