Artist: Kansas
Date: November 21, 2014
Venue: A Music Hall in Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil
Type: AUD

Band Line-Up

Phil Ehart: Drums
Richard Williams: Eletric and Acoustic Guitar
Billy Greer: Bass and vocals
David Ragsdale: Electric violin, Eletric Guitar and Vocals
David Manion: Keyboards and Vocals
Ronnie Platt: Lead vocals and keyboards

Set List:

01 People Of The South Wind
02 Point Of Know Return
03 Play The Game Tonight
04 Song For America
05 Keyboard solo
06 The Wall
07 Reason To Be
08 Dust In The Wind
09 Opus Insert
10 Closet Chronicles
11 Hold On
12 What's On My Mind
13 Belexes
14 Portrait (He Knew)
15 Sparks Of The Tempest


16 Fight Fire With Fire
17 Carry On Wayward Son

Total Running Time: 1:26:04


CA 14 Church Audio Mic - CA 9200 Pre Amp - Zoom H4N - Wave Stereo 44.000 Hz/16 Bit - Edited with Sound Forge 10 - Converted to Flac Level 8 with Audacity

Unforgettable experience. Kansas on top form which is incredible for a band of more than 40 years of existence. It is regrettable the absence of a member
of the classical phase but the truth is that Steve Walsh is far cry from what it once was and the choice of Ronnie Platt was perfect, like the last
time when the recruited was John Elephant. The timbre of Platt�s voice is very close to Walsh. Perhaps the only gap that will never be filled height will
be of Robby Steinhardt, both as a musician and ceremony master. This was the second time I saw Kansas in Brazil. The first was in 2002 when they played
for about 300 people (witnesses?) in an arena where could fit at least 20,000. One of the biggest disasters in terms of promoting a spectacle where
everything was incompetently chosen: date, schedule, location, weekday, type of event (rodeo) and especially the disclosure. Even so the band had a thoroughly
professional attitude playing as if the place was full.

This was the first time I used a pre amp, borrowed from my brother (where is mine, Chris?). And honestly I do not know if I did right. As adjustment I set
to "2" in volume and 30 gain in the pre amp with 10 input volume on the Zoom H4N. If anyone can tell me if this is the best way ....

As always, I urge patience for all of you because my connection is not a wonder, but in a few hours the first download will be ready and henceforth the thing will flow better.

And one thing is certain: while someone not to complete 100% of the download I'll be here.