Majestic Theatre
November 3 2018

Source: AT853 Cards> AT943 bodies- > Church Audio Ugly Box /Roland R 05>24bit 48htz > HDD>Goldwave to split the file> Audacity to resample to 16 Bit /44.1>
traders little helper flac level

Taper: Whotapes
Section: Pit Row 1

01 People of the South Wind
02 Hope Once Again
03 Hold On
04 Refugee
05 Lonely Wind

06 Cold Grey Morning
07 Two Cents Worth
08 Mysteries and Mayhem - Lamplight Symphony
09 The Wall
10 Song for America
11 Wheels
12 Summer
13 Musicatto
14 Taking in the View
15 Miracles Out of Nowhere

Point of Know Return
16 Point of Know Return
17 Paradox
18 The Spider
19 Portrait (He Knew)
20 Closet Chronicles
21 Lightning's Hand
22 Dust in the Wind
23 Sparks of the Tempest
24 Nobody's Home
25 Hopelessly Human
26 Carry On Wayward Son

What a great setlist! I was excited when I knew it was going to be Point Of Know Return but then to see the first part of the show
took it to a whole new level. I wish all bands would vary the setlist like this and hit so many albums even if they were not the biggest of
their career. There are hidden gems on all of the Kansas albums and this set showcased some of them. I hope Kansas keeps doing this type of show
instead of trapesing out the 15 song greatest hits show. Monolith would be next and I would see that show in a heartbeat.