with Appalachian Symphony Orchestra
College Symphony Tour
Appalachian State University
Farthing Auditorium
Boone, NC (USA)
2011- October 20

TAPER: anonymous
Location: upper level


My son's friend wanted to know if he could borrow my recorder for this event.
I graciously allowed him to use my Marantz PMD 661

Have to tell you that this is an absolutely incredible capture.

Listen to the samples and see what you think.

Please support the college music programs as well as Kansas.

Still blown away with how good this recording is.
The Recorder shut off (firmware issue) with the last song

Absolutely no editing except for gain.


Marantz PMD661 (int mics)
Sandisk 16 GB SDHD disk

SETLIST: (01:44:15)

01 Chancellor Kenneth Peacock Speech
02 Appalachian State University Promotional Video
03 Appalachian Symphony Orchestra Warmup and Music
04 Appalachian Symphony Orchestra Introduction and Concert Announcement
05 Magnum Opus
06 Belexes
07 Point of Know Return
08 The Wall
09 Welcome Talk
10 Turn Around
11 Hold On
12 Dust in the Wind
13 Band Introduction and Kansas History
14 Song for America
15 Cheyenne Anthem
16 Icarus
17 Miracles Out of Nowhere
18 Fight Fire With Fire
19 Carry On Wayward Son (CUT)