KBC Band
(Kantner Balin Casady Band)
Pittsburgh (Oakland), PA
1st gen excellent soundboard

Setlist & Fingerprints -

Track 01 - Mariel.flac:0ad546ef9703e02349825de9a3b1e4f4
Track 02 - When Love Comes.flac:87ac0cb0c99feed97ffed9266b3dbf06
Track 03 - Wrecking Crew.flac:94d0136ea281a7dac1225007d814d546
Track 04 - It's Not You, It's Not Me.flac:f11dc02753522cc195528468af53c947
Track 05 - Crossfire.flac:8743ff799112e210f46412ccaaa2db42
Track 06 - Ride The Tiger.flac:5030443795e53ab3d8b49eb62c1fe1e2
Track 07 - Hold Me.flac:cda06428315e87aa6f564c28e834bb67
Track 08 - Planes.flac:818db0911ebabd2deb0fa0aaeaf6ac93
Track 09 - Today.flac:abdf1f4baa8935a6c3d75e6e4bac6261
Track 10 - Dancing With The House On Fire.flac:fd7ccb41b664b2b43839d41b53f39c52
Track 11 - Plastic Fantastic Lover.flac:f5628b09f5c129aed8949e72c8b9b362
Track 12 - America.flac:6e55c7078d9bdf299f9f081594e47180
Track 13 - Volunteers Of America.flac:4e80eb5ad81018e9728ffaf6db03fb51
Track 14 - applause and tuning.flac:81e9eb9ec9160c24f7dbe81f72382627
Track 15 - Dream Motorcycle.flac:972a086e762ea505c7d3117b69bd5e52
Track 16 - The Girl With The Hungry Eyes.flac:6639361e85574cc092b3b7872d2bc9d7
Track 17 - Mysterious Eyes.flac:a6c038f07dc5bbdef6c4fa445ba1ded7
Track 18 - 100 Million.flac:eb44978b49b2db50bd66f62b3f5e1549
Track 19 - It's No Secret.flac:34ccf32e16e16d266087b4c5fd0aac35
Track 20 - applause and false end of show.flac:8e8c27eaf8e21e3bd210d5b1aab77dfc
Track 21 - Hide My Heart.flac:eea3103e08ce724206c62f4155d87697
Track 22 - Solidarity.flac:f7d95df33e7de9ecf4b01048d8a8f23f
Track 23 - Midnight Hour.flac:a9e2fafdebba69f9cff87ae470f3a3e8

Lineage -

Soundboard recording > unknown master tape >
Maxell UD XLII C90 high bias cassette tape, 1st gen
and Maxell XLII 90 high bias cassette tape, 1st gen >
SONY TC-WE805S stereo cassette deck >
Aiwa XC-RW700 CD/CD recorder (tracking done here) >
SONY CD-R AUDIO 80 min. music CD-Rs >
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (wav files onto HD here) >
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (retracking or editing of tracks done here) >
Trader's Little Helper (encode level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)

CD one: 11 tracks, 58:53
CD two: 12 tracks, 57:40
TT: 116:33
Excellent soundboard 9.5-10/10 IMHO as always.
This IS the complete show. I was there. I know.

I attended this show with a friend of mine almost 21 years ago
now and it was phenomenal. We are both big-time Jefferson Airplane
fanatics and seeing Messeurs K, B and C was like a dream come true.
I'd rather not go into a lot of detail about how we acquired this
show but suffice it to say that it sprouted legs and walked out of
Graffiti with the help of a very kind employee. The venue has been
closed for quite a while, which is a tragedy in itself, but I don't
wish to implicate anyone even 21 years down the road. Give a big round
of applause and a hearty Thank You to Mr. X, who was kind enough to
liberate this show for us and now for all of you. I'll briefly describe
the show and after-show and then very briefly describe the recording,
which is so good that little additional explanation is needed.

The venue was well-filled but not sold out. I don't think that there
was an opening act. The band was in good spirits and put on a fine show.
Balin handled almost all the lead vocals with Kantner in a supporting role.
The playing was solid and the band played for just under 2 hours. We were
seated very close to the stage and saw everything. The crowd was enthusiastic
but well-behaved. After the show we hunted down Paul Kantner who was wandering
around half-loaded and shook his hand, told him what a genius he was and got
some autographs. He vanished and a little later we were able to descend the
long staircase to the dressing room. We were getting ready to knock on the
door when who should exit the room but Paul Kantner. He closed the door behind
him but told us that we could go ahead in. He warned us though that there could
be a possible shotgun blast as soon as we opened the door. That Paul ; what
a jolly joker ! No shotgun hijinks but Jack Casady and Tim Gorman and a few others.
We shook their hands, thanked them for a great show and got a few autographs.
This was our brush with greatness...

As far as the recording is concerned, it's great. A pretty well-balanced board
tape with the vocals upfront but all instruments clearly audible. No hiss,
no distortion and a very remote audience. You'll LOVE it !!! If you are not
familiar with the KBC Band, think Jeff Airplane a little less heavy with
horns and keyboards. The band only played five JA songs but the other material
is wonderful. That's about all that I have to report, so let's wrap this up...

Finally, no buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed this as long as you can.
Please trade this freely as it probably is fairly rare, especially at
this generation level. This show will be a welcome addition to any
Jefferson Airplane or KBC Band fan's collection. I think that most of
you will love this show. I will post a sample to help some of you decide
whether or not to download this but if you don't, you're crazy !! So, as
Mr. Natural is so fond of saying, have fun, don't freak out and enjoy the
concert !