the KBC band
Marty Balin: guitar and vocals
Paul Kantner: guitar and vocals
Jack Casady: bass
Mark "Slick" Aguilar: lead guitar, background vocals
Keith Crossan: saxophone, background vocals
Tim Gorman: keyboards, background vocals
Darrell Verdusco: drums, background vocals

tracks 1-9: KBC band at
the Ritz,
N.Y.C. New York, USA
April 3, 1987 (possibly june 27, which is likely the broadcast date)
promoting their one (and only) album "KBC Band"
tracks 10 and 11: Marty Balin at the Savoy, N.Y.C. october 6, 1981
King Biscuit Flower Hour FM broadcasts
tracks 12-15: Ken Shelton lunch hour interview with Paul Kantner
hours before Boston KBC show, April 7, 1987 on WBCN 104.1 FM radio in Boston.
total runtime: 76:08 (minutes/ seconds)

KBC setlist (50:56)
1: radio intro 1:09
2: plastic fantastic lover 3:53
3: America 10:00 (with radio announcer outro)
4: hold me 6:30
5: wrecking crew 4:13
6: it's not you, it's not me 5:23 (with radio announcer outro)
7: Mariel 6:29
8: ride the tiger 4:57
9: girl with the hungry eyes 8:23 (with radio announcer outro)

Marty Balin ay the Savoy, NYC 1981 KBFH (11:17)
10: it's no secret 4:41
11: miracles 6:37

12: interview at WBCN Boston 104.1 FM radio april 7, 1987 (13:53)
12: 4:27 (part 1)
America (officially released studio track, not included)
13: interview 5:28 (part 2)
U2: I still haven't found... (officially released studio track, not included)
14: interview 1:18 (part 3)
15: interview 2:41 (part 4)
Mariel (officially released studio track, not included)

FM broadcasts >
Yamaha RX-500U reciever with wire antenna >
Naka. BX- 100 cassette recorder (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII 90 minute cassette >
played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.

Marty was promoting his 1st solo album "Balin" in 1981
personnel on that album included:

Marty Balin: vocals, acoustic guitar
Johnny De Caro: guitar, background vocals
Mark Cummings: piano, synthesizer, vocoder, background vocals
Billy Lee Lewis: drums, percussion, background vocals
Richard Bassil: bass, background vocals
some or all of them may have appeared with Marty in tracks 10 and 11
which were broadcast as part of "the Airplane Chronicles" on KBFH show.
the interview at wBCN was the afternoon of their concert that night
at the Paradise.