Kaptain Kopter & The Fabulous Twirly Birds - KPFK Radio, Los Angeles, California 1972, reel to reel source, upgrade.

1. I Don't Want Nobody
2. Devil (Some Minor Fm Interference Distortion For Some Seconds)
3. Shotgun
4. Melting Into The Furniture
5. Walking The Dog
6. Happy
7. You Just Don't Care (1 Mini Drop At The End)
8. High Heeled Sneakers
9. Downer

Hello folks, i finally found my reel to reel copy of this show that Boombox uploaded here some months
ago, and finally the sound quality is brilliant compare to all the other versions in circulation....

1st generation reel to reel > behringer ultra curve pro deq 2496 audio equalizer > tascam audio cdrw750 > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

Transfered, remastered and uploaded on Dime by 38f