Karl Denson Super Jam
Pool Deck
Jamcruise V

Shotgun (James Brown)
Can’t Get Next to You Babe
Que Sera, Sera
In Time (Sly Stone)
Lovely Day (Bill Withers)

The cavalcade of stars include:

Karl Denson (sax, keys, vocals)
Eric Krasno (guitar)
George Porter Jr (bass)
Mike Dillon (percussion)
Jen Durkin (vocals)
Alison Lewis (vocals)
DDBB horns (E.T. on trumpet, Kevin Harris on sax, Roger Lewis bari sax)
Josh Phillips (YMBFBB percussion/vocals)
Derrick Johnson (YMBFBB trombone)
Greg Hollowell (YMBFBB sax)
Stanton Moore (drums)
Ian Neville – Dumpstaphunk (guitar)
Kofi Burbridge Derek Trucks Band (keys, flute)
Robert Walter (keys)
Ivan Neville Dumpstaphunk (keys)
Will Bernard (guitar)
Yonrico Scott - Derek Trucks Band (drums)
Nick Daniels – Dumpstaphunk (bass, vocals)
Tony Hall - Dumpstaphunk (bass)

Source: DPA 4011's > V3 > D8
Transfer: R500 > AP2496 > CDWave > flac

Taped and transferred by Ethan Alpert (ethan@audio-crusade.com)

Notes: This is a stack tape. It was too windy to tape from the back.
So it's basically a mono recording. The best I could do in the conditions.
I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out. I've probably missed another
1/2 dozen artists who contributed. Fairly long gaps between songs.