Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
Revolution Hall
Troy, New York

Source: (Clamped to the balcony railing center) Neumann U89i (Hypercard, DIN, -80Hz)> Grace Design Lunatec V3 (Digital)> Endirol R-44 (24/48 on a 8GB Transcend class 6 SDHC card).

Transfer: SDHC Card> Card Reader> PC> Samplitude SE No.9 (Fade in/out, Normalize, Dither to 16bit, and Resampled to 44.1k)> CD Wave (Tracked and converted to Flac @ Level 8).

Recorded by: Ed Guidry (tufflitestudios@yahoo.com)

01 Flute Down
02 How Fine Is That?
03 Can You Feel It
04 Mighty Rebel
05 The Grunt
06 The Answer
07 Groove On
08 Wiggle Waggle
09 Where It Counts
10 Shake It Out
11 Brother's Keeper (Part 1)
12 Brother's Keeper (Part 2)
13 Sister Janie

D1 t01-t05
D2 t06-t13