Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
Great South Bay Music Festival
Patchogue, NY


Lineage: CA14 > CA-9100 > Zoom H4n (WAV 44.1kHz/16bit) > ScanDisc > USB > CDWAV (split
tracks) > FLAC frontend

Track List:
(Approx 59 mins total)

01) (10:48)
02) Look Out (4:06)
03) Satisfied (17:06)
04) Brother's Keeper (10:46)
05) (4:42)
06) Shake It Out (5:36)
07) ~crowd & encore call-out~ (1:29)
08) Groove Thing (5:12)

Recording Notes:
- I was pretty lucky to be positioned at a front table in the VIP tent section all day long. I wound-up using the windscreens to combat the unpredictable weather that plagued the festival for most of the afternoon.

Performance Notes:
- This is good-time, funky music to boogie to...plain & simple. If anybody can help-out with missing song titles, it would be greatly appreciated.


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