Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
Waterfront Blues Festival
Portland, OR.
July 5, 2013

Again this year recorded from KBOO FM 90.7 here in Portland. A volunteer radio station that has broadcast the festival each and every year. It has become a huge festival & we stopped going due to the big crowds. I now record all that I can & enjoy sharing with you all. As with any all volunteer station there are a few blurps along the way, which I have "fixed" as well as I can. Enjoy, twofthrs

FM> H2 Zoom> SD card> HD> FLAC> U.

Karl Denson has had a storied career as a multi-faceted recording and performing artist who first came to prominence as a member of Lenny Kravitz� band debuting on his first release, Let Love Rule, and staying on for the next five years. While developing a following overseas, he joined Fred Wesley�s band, touring and recording with him on multiple releases. This led to five straight ahead jazz albums by Denson on Minor Music, the last of which was released to rave reviews and featured Karl in a trio setting with Miles Davis alumni Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette. In 1993, Denson joined DJ Greyboy in creating Greyboy Records and released the legendary acid jazz staple, Freestylin. Out of that collaboration, Denson formed The Greyboy Allstars, which became world renowned as the ultimate groove band, spreading their �West Coast Boogaloo� style worldwide.

Denson took this formula to the next level by putting more emphasis on vocals and adding some funk, R&B and hip hop elements. It turned out to be a winning combination, which set KDTU on the top of the heap in the touring world from 1999 through 2005, selling over 250,000 records to date. �My style is based in dance� shares Denson. � I love the idea of creating something that naturally makes people want to move.�

Henson's latest release, Brother�s Keeper, continues his artistic evolution fusing sounds from Rock to Funk to Afro beat. Me shell Nitrocellulose (bass) and Marc Ford (guitar, Black Crows, Ben Harper) are just some of the special guests on the album. Denson notes, �I�m not one to live in the past. I am very much a forward thinker. Brother�s Keeper is a continuation of my general worldview, which is that we should be loving each other, having fun and taking care of one another.� He concludes, �This record is the culmination of all my life�s work up until now.�

Set List
01 Insturmental
02 Insturmental
03 It's Outa Sight
04 Insturmental
05 Everybody Knows That
06 Unknown
07 Soul Clap
08 Groove On
09 Insturmental