Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
Terminal West
Atlanta, GA

source: schoeps mk41>nbob actives>oade m148mkII>sound device 744 @ 24/48
fob dfc balcony rail pas 50 ft. from stage
transfer: sdhc>audacity dither>cd wave splits>tlh flac 8

t&s by c. cage

A Home Team AARP Dirty South Recording

01. Greeting
02. Catching Sparks
03. My Baby Likes To Boogaloo
04. Banter
05. Shake It Out
06. Freedom
07. Banter
08. What If You Knew?
09. I'm Your Biggest Fan
10. Can We Trade?
11. Under My Thumb
12. Nowhere To Run
13. Have You Seen Him?
14. Funky Stuff
15. Groovy Thing
16. Time To Pray
17. Crowd
18. New Ammo

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