Kasey Chambers

April 24, 2014
1. Your Day Will Come, 2. Pony, 3. Still Feeling Blue, 4. This Flower, 5. Devil On Your Back, 6. Not Pretty Enough, 7. Please God, 8. Georgia Brown, 9. Old Joe Clark, 10. Wheelbarrow, 11. The Captain.

Track Info: Forum Theatre, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Source Info: AUD>LPCM>WAV>FLAC [Matched DPA MMC4011s > DP-MMP-ES > Tinybox @ 48V > Sony PCM-M10]

Mastering: Adobe Audition w/izotope Plug in (High Pass Filter at 60 Hz , Track split, 24/48 > 16/44; TLH (Fix SBEs > FLAC)

Taper: Roman79, behind soundboard about 20m from the stacks

Length: 48:32

Sound Comments/Faults?: Excellent audience. Audience noise is negligible. Kasey played a little louder than what I was expecting so there is some detectable clipping on a couple of loud vocals but otherwise I seem to have got away with it.

Show Comments: Support act for Steve Earle. Please God and Wheelbarrow are new songs. Kasey Chambers - vocals, guitar; Bill Chambers - pedal steel, guitar, vocals; Ashleigh Dallas - banjo, violin, vocals ; DJ - drums, washboard; Enzo - bass, vocals