Kashmere Stage Band
Mars Stage
Free Press Summer Festival
Eleanor Tinsley Park
Houston, TX

Lineage: Zoom Q3HD (Recording (24/96 stereo .wav)) > Audacity (EQ, Amplify, normalize, split tracks & convert to 16/44.1 wav) > Trader's Little Helper (Convert to flac8)

Location: Centered in front of stage

recorded by bradleybee

ksb20130602t01 (6:48)
ksb20130602t02 (7:16)
ksb20130602t03 (5:08)
ksb20130602t04 (4:57)
ksb20130602t05 (4:03)
ksb20130602t06 (1:52)
ksb20130602t07 (3:54)
ksb20130602t08 (3:41)
ksb20130602t09 (3:23)
ksb20130602t10 (2:31)
ksb20130602t11 (8:43)

Here's a list of all the bands I recorded:

Deep Cuts (first song incomplete)
Infinite Apaches
Vintage Trouble
Geto Boys
Iggy and the Stooges (first song incomplete)
The Postal Service (intro incomplete)

The Suffers
Kashmere Stage Band
Mavis Staples
Cat Power
Kitty Pryde (first song incomplete)
Golgol Bordello (first song incomplete, one skip for a battery change)
Social Distortion (first song incomplete)