kamcg 1976-07-24 Wakes Festival, Chorley, Lancs

Kate & Anna McGarrigle

Park Hall
Charnock Richard,
Chorley, England
July Wakes Festival

01 The Shining Birch Tree
02 Swimming Song
03 Foolish You
04 Motherless Children
05 Blanche comme la neige
06 Perrine etait servante
07 The Work Song
08 Kiss and Say Goodbye
09 You Tell Me That I'm Falling Down
10 Complainte pour Ste-Catherine
11 Travelling On for Jesus
12 Oh Papa

Band: Scott Lang (bass), Chaim Tannenbaum (banjo), Andrew Cowan (guitar),
Larry Packer (fiddle)

Also appearing on the Saturday were Poynton Jemmers (ladies Morris dancing troupe),
Almanac, Dave Burland, Krysia Kocjan, Dave Cousins, Bernard Wrigley,
Magna Carta, Bill Barclay, Ross McFarlane, 5 Hand Reel, Alan Hull's
Radiator, Hedgehog Pie, John Prine, Alan Stivell and Jack the Lad.

information from the Kate & Anna McGarrigle concert chronology at

source CDR - original taper known but original tape lost therefore precise lineage

Less than average quality but early recordings of shows are rare.
This was the sisters first UK appearance.