Kate & Anna McGarrigle

1982-12-08 Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Dalhousie Arts Centre, Halifax, NS (FM)

Track list:

01 DJ intro
02 Be My Baby
03 Love Over and Over
04 (Talk to Me of) Mendocino
05 Mount Royal Blues
06 Heart Like a Wheel
07 DJ
08 First Born
09 The Pump Song
10 La Belle S'Est Etourdie (spliced)
11 Star Cab Company
12 Kiss and Say Goodbye
13 band intros
14 Complainte Pour Ste-Catherine
15 DJ outro
16 La Belle S'Est Etourdie (different source tape, no splice)

Lineage: unknown gen tapes -> Sony KA6ES tape deck (Dolby off) -> Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 -> record (Audacity) -> FLAC -> split tracks (Audacity) -> FLAC -> fix SBEs in TLH

Band: John McColgan (drums), Gilles Losier (violin), Scot Lang (guitar), Pat Donaldson (bass), Dane Lanken (trumpet, vocals), Chaim Tannenbaum (instruments, vocals). line pic

Broadcast April 23, 1983 on CBL radio "The Ocean Limited."