Kate & Anna McGarrigle

1983-04-20 Bottom Line, NYC

A very enjoyable set that includes several unique song selections, most notably the only circulating version (AFAIK) of The Space Shuttle Song.

House in the Country with Kate and The Albion Band:


Track list:

01 audience - tuning
02 First Born
03 Move Over Moon
04 Once Too Often
05 Tu Vas M'Accompagner
06 Swimming Song
07 The Pump Song
08 Naufrag´┐Że du Tendre
09 Love Over and Over
10 Dear Mrs. Roosevelt (Chaim Tannenbaum lead vocal)
11 House in the Country (Chaim Tannenbaum lead vocal)
12 (Talk to Me of) Mendocino
13 The Space Shuttle Song
14 Pleasures Untold (Jorn Reissner song)
15 Jesus Lifeline (Chaim Tannenbaum lead vocal)
16 Dig My Grave (Chaim Tannenbaum lead vocal)
17 band intros
18 Kiss and Say Goodbye
19 Heart Like a Wheel

Lineage: unknown gen tape -> Sony KA6ES tape deck (Dolby off) -> Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 -> record (Audacity) -> FLAC -> split tracks (Audacity) -> FLAC -> fix SBEs in TLH

Band: Jane, Jorn Reissner (guitar), Dane Lanken, Gordon Adamson (drums), Pat Donaldson (bass), Chaim Tannenbaum