kamcg 1983-12-04 Bottom LIne NYC

Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Bottom Line
New York City, NY


unknown title - Gilles Losier fiddle Solo
Move Over Moon
First Born
Prends ton manteau
Forever and the Same (The Pump Song)
Trailer Park Song
Parlez-nous a boire
Swimming Song
Tu vas m'accompagner
Heart Like a Wheel
La reel de la Ste-Catherine
Once Too Often
Kiss and Say Goodbye
You Tell Me That I'm Falling Down
Love Over and Over
Complainte pour Ste-Catherine
(Talk to Me of) Mendocino
Happy Birthday Dear Anna
Travelling On for Jesus

Band: Gilles Losier (violin), Edward Allen (guitar), Dane Lanken (trumpet, vocals),
Gordon Adamson (drums), Pat Donaldson (bass).

information from the Kate & Anna McGarrigle concert chronology at

The first of two nights at the Bottom Line. When the sisters played there in April of 1983
they performed two sets each night but it is not known if that was the case for the dates
in December.

source: unknown (low?) gen cassette > unindexed CDR > EAC > indexed w Nero Wave Editor > flac > Dime

good+ quality

more to follow