Kate & Anna McGarrigle
with Linda Ronstadt and Maria Muldaur

Rochester, NY


Venue: Red Creek Cabaret


TV (PBS) >
Maxell XLII cassette on long-forgotten cassette deck >
Sony TC-WE475 >
Flying Calf A/D converter >
M-Audio Delta DiO 2496 >
Cool Edit 2000 (normalized/hum reduced) >
FLAC (level 8)

This is a concert recorded live at Red Creek Cabaret, Rochester, NY, USA, on 12-Jun-1984.
Linda Ronstadt and Maria Muldaur guest on some of the songs.


01. TV Intro (0:21)
02. As Fast As My Little Feet Can Carry Me (4:19)
03. Band Intros (1:22)
04. Complainte Pour Ste. Catherine (3:13)
05. NaCl (2:47)
06. Maria Mudaur Intro (0:27)
07. The Work Song (4:11)
08. Linda Ronstadt Intro (0:31)
09. Heart Like A Wheel (2:55)
10. Travelling On For Jesus (4:19)
11. Dig My Grave (2:32)
12. MM re-Intro (0:36)
13. The Lying Song (3:54)
14. LR re-Intro (0:37)
15. Talk To Me Of Mendocino (2:56)
16. Go Leave (3:14)
17. Happy Birthday, Gilles! (0:57)
18. Tu Vas M'accompagner (4:00)
19. New Song Intro (0:10)
20. Going Out Looking (4:15)
21. Love Over And Over (3:27)
22. LR+MM re-Intro (0:24)
23. You Tell Me That I'm Falling Down (3:45)
24. Parlez-nous a boire (1:33)

Maria Muldaur on 07, 10, 13, 23
Linda Ronstadt on 09, 10, 15, 23

I recorded this from a broadcast on WHYY-TV. Unfortunately I have so far not been able to loacte the video tape.
I dubbed it to a Maxell XLII shortly after the broadcast. There was a consistent hum which I was able to reduce without significant impact on the sound quality, but some hum (and tape hiss) does remain.

ltzero (on Dime 2013-01-22)

From http://www.ghostsontheroad.co.uk/McG/1980.html#1984


Red Creek Cabaret
Rochester, NY


As Fast As My Little Feet Can Carry Me / Complainte pour Ste-Catherine [alt] / NaCl / The Work Song (Maria Muldaur) / Heart Like a Wheel [alt] (Linda Ronstadt) / Travelling On for Jesus (Maria Muldaur & Linda Ronstadt) / Dig My Grave (Chaim Tannenbaum) / The Lying Song / (Talk to Me of) Mendocino [alt] / Go Leave [alt] / Happy Birthday Dear Gilles / Tu vas m'accompagner / Going Out Looking / Love Over and Over / You Tell Me That I'm Falling Down (Linda Ronstadt & Maria Muldaur) / Parlez-nous a boire

Band: Jane, Pat Donaldson (bass), Gordon Adamson (drums), Andrew Cowan (guitar), Gilles Losier (violin), Dane Lanken (bass voice), Chaim Tannenbaum (voice, harmonica).

Recorded for WXXI-TV and broadcast as Kate & Anna McGarrigle In Concert. Simulcast on KCRW. Broadcast on numerous occasions. Guests were Linda Ronstadt and Maria Muldaur.


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