<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#aaaaaa">kate & anna mcgarrigle <br>red creek cabaret <br>rochester, ny <br>june 1984 <br> <br>as fast as my little feet can carry me <br>complainte pour ste. catherine <br>NaCl <br>the work song* <br>heart like a wheel*^ <br>travelling on for jesus*^ <br>dig my grave <br>the lying song* <br>talk to me of mendocino^ <br>go leave <br>happy birthday, gilles! <br>tu vas m'accompagner <br>going out looking <br>love over and over <br>you tell me that I'm falling down*^ <br>a french song <br> <br>*with maria muldaur <br>^with linda ronstadt <br> <br>this recording was made from a KCRW (if memory serves) simulcast (remember those?) that accompanied les soeurs' PBS special, recorded in June 1984. it was recorded by a Sanyo boombox of the time (although a very good one! I loved it because it had inputs/outputs and EQ), and captured digitally via a Sony boombox of about five years ago. why? because I tried using my Sony ES cassette deck first, and it sounded worse for some reason. it sounds like I used Dolby B during the initial record, but I was not foolish enough to use it during the capture, and so there may be some high end that the more technically inclined among you might wanna snip off. <br>.aiffs were made with SoundStudio, translation to .flac was done with Max, and, well, hopefully you're enjoying the results. there are some wonderful moments here--the sisters' harmonies with Ronstadt are always a treat, and the ones with Muldaur are almost as good--and a few songs that to my knowledge haven't ever turned up elsewhere: "as fast as my...", "going out looking", and "a french song", which was played under the credits, and of course isn't really called "a french song". <br> <br>my first torrent--hope you enjoy!