Kate and Anna McGarrigle
Mariposa Folk Festival
Toronto, Ontario

FM-->Master cassette->unknown generations-> my cassette->Amadeus II->Wav->Flac (Boundary
Sector Corrected)

01 Love Over and Over
02 Excursion Venise
03 On My Way to Town
04 Love Is
05 I'm Gonna Go and Find You
06 As Fast As My Feet Can Carry Me
07 The Pilot's Wife's Song
08 Leave Me Be
09 Tu Vas M'Accompagner

In memory of Kate McGarrigle. How I'll miss those harmonies.

Live recordings are no substitute for the studio recordings overwhich these
musicians labored. Please buy them and support the artists. Do not convert this
recording to mp3, except for your own personal use. Do not distribute it in mp3 form
and never sell it or any copy of it.

www.mcgarrigles.com offers much information as well as a link
to Kate's appearance on The Martha Stewart show.