Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Iron Horse, Northampton, MA, USA
18 January 1986, Late Show

Recorded by JL
Transferred by PW

Recording Information: Sony D-6 portable cassette recorder, single Sennheiser 300 microphone with shotgun shell jacked into both channels-->mono master cassette

Transfer: Mono master cassette--> Maxell XLII-S-90 cassette-->----Sony KA1ESA-->PCM-M10 (16 bit/44.1)-->MacBookPro-->Amadeus II, amplified by 150% tracks split-->---->-xACT 2.37 (Wav->Flac (6), Boundary Sector Corrected)

Kate McGarrigle
Anna McGarrigle
Jane McGarrigle
Pat Donaldson

01. Love Over and Over
02. Sun, Son (Shining On The Water)
03. Mother Mother
04. Once Too Often
05. Maybe I'll Change My Mind
06. Parlez-Nous a Boire
07. Lullaby for a Doll
08. A Tequila Sunrise
09. Leave Me Be
10. Move Over Moon
11. NaCl
12. Love Is
13. Heart Like a Wheel
14. As Fast My Little Feet Can Carry Me
15. Complainte Pour Ste-Catherine
16. (Talk to Me of) Mendicino
17. Say Goodnight

One of the nice things about living in Western Massachusetts during the 1980s was that it was an a logical spot for a warm-up gig for the McGarrigle sisters before going to NYC as well as being easily integrated into small tours of the northeast. This is a show from one of those sets, recorded by my friend Jim. A sample is attached. Enjoy.

Thanks to rebetiko for the McGarrigles flood. It�s been remarkable.