Acceptable audince recording of the Sisters. If you are a fan you'll want this,
if you are looking to try something new, there is better on DIME.
First third of the last track is a bit of a mess; must have had trouble with the
levels. I did my best to remove gaps and balance the sound.
Only show which I know of with Pierre Marchand, the producer of 'Heartbeats
Accelerating', in the band.

New Glasgow, QC -- tent
1991-08-02 -- 57:26

01. -MC intro-
02. Swimming Song
03. -talk-
04. J'ai tant danse
05. -tuning-
06. Heartbeats Accelerating
07. -interlude-
08. DJ Serenade
09. -tuning, talk--
11. I Eat Dinner
12. Pronto Monto
13. -talk, tuning-
14. Mother, Mother
15. Love Is
16. -talk, tuning-
17. Parlez-nous a boire
18. -tuning, talk-
19. Entre la jeunesse et la Sagesse
20. -talk-
21. (Talk to me of) Mendocino
22. Kiss and Say Goodbye
23. -band intro-
24. Complainte pour Ste-Catherine
25. A la claire Fontaine

Kate McGarrigle
Anna McGarrigle
Joel Zifkin - violin
Michel Pepin - guitar
Pierre Marchand - bass

supplied mic -> Sony WM-D3 (SA90 cassette)
TC-WR79ES -> R500 (SBM) -> AT2496 -> Soundforge (trim, final fade, minor editing)
-> CDwave (track cut) -> TLH (flac level 8, ffp, md5) - TLH (torrent) ->
DIME on 2013-01-27.

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