These days especially, my thoughts are much with Kate and Anna. Please spare frequent good
thoughts or prayers for the successful, rapid and easy recovery of the ill one.

This is one of a series of seven shows (six in Montreal, one in Burlington, VT) performed
within two weeks in venues of greatly varying size. With less than 100 capacity, this was the
smallest. Vocals are perfectly clear though occasionally you can hear the very faint singing
of my neighbour. Bit much mic noise though always between songs. Between song talk (some very
funny) mostly in French. Michel Pepin's second show. Recorded, transferred and torrented by

Record: Sony WM-D3 (analogue) with supplied mic. Stealthed (only gear I had) with permission.
Transfer: Sony TC-WR97ES -> M-audio 2496 (analogue port) -> Cool Edit Pro (trim, fades, some
mic noise removed and long silences reduced, normalized) -> CDwave (track split) -> Flac front
end (level 8, tested, SBE correction enabled).
Torrent: Maketorrent V2.1 to Dime 2007-01-07. FFP, MD5, info file included. No artwork;
contribution greatly appreciated.

Montreal, QC -- MdlC Marie-Uguay
1991-10-19 -- 83:33 -- L4947/48

Disc one: (45:31)
02. Prends ton manteau
03. Par un Dimanche au soir
05. DJ Serenade
07. I Eat Dinner
09. Heart Like a Wheel
11. Heartbeats Accelerating
13. Parlez-nous a boire
15. Mother, Mother
17. Love Is
19. Kiss and Say Goodbye

note: with Joel Zifkin and Michel Pepin throughout
tracks 01 and even 04 -> 18: tuning, talk, applause

Disc two: (38:02)
02. Swimming Song
04. J'ai tant danse
06. Entre la jeunesse et la sagesse
08. Talk to Me of Mendocino
10. Excursion a Venise
12. Leave Me Be
14. Jigsaw Puzzle of Life
16. Complainte pour Ste-Catherine

note: with Joel Zifkin and Michel Pepin throughout
odd tracks 01 -> 15: tuning, talk, applause
track 08: with Jane McGarrigle

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