Kate & Anna McGarrigle

1992-11-03 And I'm Coming Home - The Songs of Wade Hemsworth (CBC TV) (FLAC)

Track list:

01 intro speak
02 Song of the Old Rooster-speak
03 The Blackfly Song
04 speak
05 The Blackfly Song-speak-guitar instrumentals-The Log Driver's Waltz
06 speak
07 Song of the Old Rooster
08 speak-Shining Birch Tree
09 break-speak-rehearsal
10 speak
11 MC, interview by Murray McLaughlan
12 The Wild Goose
13 speak
14 The Log Jam Song
15 speak
16 My Mother is the Ocean Sea
17 speak-Shining Birch Tree
18 The Story of the I'm Alone-speak
19 outro speak

Lineage: unknown gen tape -> Sony KA6ES tape deck (Dolby off) -> Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 -> record, remove gaps and pops (Audacity) -> FLAC -> split tracks (Audacity) -> FLAC -> fix SBEs in TLH

Excerpts from this show have been posted on YouTube:





Part of the series Adrienne Clarkson Presents.
Included: The Blackfly Song (live & film versions) / Log Driver's Waltz (film version, incomplete) / Shining Birch Tree (live, Kate & Anna back-up vocals - incomplete). Interview with Kate & Anna. Also featured isThe Wild Goose from film of the recording of the Swinging On a Star special (see July, 1991) and film from the Winnipeg Folk Festival (see July 6, 1991) performing My Mother Is The Ocean Sea as the Mountain City 4 (with Peter Weldon and Dane Lanken) with Jane, Joel Zifkin, Danny Greenspoon and Kit Johnson also. Backing vocals and instruments for Wade Hemsworth on The Sinking of the I'm Alone, The Log Jam Song also for Murray McLaughlan performing The Shining Birch Tree.