kamcg 1993-06-13 Westboro aud

Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Old Vienna Kaffehaus
Westboro, MA

Swimming Song
Excursion a Venise
Love Is
Leave Me Be
Heartbeats Accelerating
Heart Like A Wheel
D.J. Serenade
Entre lajeunesse et la sagesse
Goin' Back to Harlan
Parlez-nous a boire
Jigsaw Puzzle of Life
band intros
Complainte pour Ste-Catherine
(Talk to Me of) Mendocino line pic

Band: Michel Pepin (guitar), Pierre Lessard (violin & viola)

information from the Kate & Anna McGarrigle concert chronology at

source: Maxell XLIIS C90 master cassette > AIWA AD-F810 > Audacity > wav file >
edited and normalized w Audacity > flac > Dime

vg/g+ quality - two channel mono - see notes below

Fifth in a series of uncirculated audience masters of 7 McGarrigle sisters shows
all recorded by the same taper who (not so) recently gave me the cassettes to transfer

There were a number of technical issues that needed to be addressed for virtually
all of the tapes


The recording level was sometimes too high and this often manifests itself
with distortion on louder songs.

There is often mic noise on the first song and after tape flip as the taper adjusted position.

Although the recorder used appears to have had a mono mic the tapes are two channel but,
on most of the recordings, the right channel was faulty - sometimes no sound at all,
sometimes the volume was reduced and on at least one recording there is print through from
material previously on the tape.

Therefore I took the decision to use the left channel only for these transfers and, on the advice
of the Dime mods, duplicated this to the right channel rather than offer a single channel mono

Many, many thanks to the original taper for his generosity in agreeing to share these.

If you have similar tapes that you would like to share please let me know I am happy to do the
work on them.