Kate & Anna McGarrigle

1993-07-07 The Borderline, London, UK

Some mic bumps and rustling on a few songs that I didn't attempt to remove.

Track list:

01 audience
02 Swimming Song
03 Excursion � Venise
04 Love Is
05 Leave Me Be
06 Heartbeats Accelerating
07 Gentle Annie
08 Heart Like a Wheel
09 I Eat Dinner
10 D. J. Serenade
11 Entre Lajeunesse et la Sagesse
12 Goin' Back to Harlan
13 Parlez-Nous � Boire
14 Hard Times Come Again No More
15 band intro
16 Complainte Pour Ste-Catherine
17 (Talk to Me of) Mendocino
18 Dig My Grave (lead vocal Chaim Tannenbaum)
19 A la Claire Fontaine

Lineage: possibly 1st gen tape -> Sony KA6ES tape deck (Dolby off) -> Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 -> record, remove gaps and pops (Audacity) -> FLAC -> split tracks (Audacity) -> FLAC -> fix SBEs in TLH

Band: Michel Pepin (bass, guitar), Pierre Lessard (violin), Chaim Tannenbaum (vocals).