FM recording of the McGarrigles. Sound is perfect of the complete broadcast. The interviews
are in reality voice-overs during applause segments; there is no interviewer. Two DJ
interruptions removed.

Lennoxville, QC -- Bishop's University Centennial Hall
1993-09-11 -- 51:14

01. -DJ intro, talk-
02. Swimming Song
03. Excursion a Venise
04. Leave Me Be
05. -talk-
06. Entre la jeunesse et la sagesse
07. -interview-
08. I Eat Dinner
09. -talk-
10. Going Back to Harlan
11. -interview-
12. Prends ton manteau
13. (Talk to Me of) Mendocino
14. Parlez-nous a boire
15. -interview-
16. Jigsaw Puzzle of Life
17. Complainte pour Ste-Catherine
18. -DJ outro & credits-
19. Heart Like a Wheel

b'cast 1994-01-30 CBC-FM (Canada) 'Hot Ticket' w/ Karen Gordon

Kate McGarrigle
Anna McGarrigle
Michel Pepin
Joel Zifkin

FM -> DAT (32 khz, 16 bit)
Fostex D5 -> M-Audio 24/96 (digital port) -> R8brain v1.9 (vhq upsample) -> CEP (trim, edits,
L1 Ultramaximizer) -> CDwave (track split) ->flac frontend (level 8, verified, SBE correction
enabled)-> Maketorrent 2.1 (info, MD5, ffp files included) -> DIME on 2010-01-23.

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Please do all possible to prevent the sale or auction of this recording.