kamcg 1994-01-16 RFH, London

Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Royal Festival Hall
London, UK

probably for completists only - please check mp3 sample first


DJ Serenade
I Eat Dinner
Heartbeats Accelerating
Excursion a Venise
Love Is
Leave Me Be
Heart Like a Wheel
Goin' Back to Harlan
Swimming Song
Jacques et Gilles
Entre lajeunesse et la sagesse
The Bike Song
Why Must We Die?
(Talk to Me of) Mendocino
Parlez-nous a boire
Jigsaw Puzzle of Life
Complainte pour Ste-Catherine

Band: Michel Pepin (guitar, bass), Joel Zifkin (violin, guitar)

information from the Kate & Anna McGarrigle concert chronology at

source: probably master cassette > unindexed CDR > EAC > indexed, edited and normalized w Nero Wave Editor > flac > Dime

fair quality - probably for completists only - please check mp3 sample first

For those who like trivia there is a backstory to this recording. Commercial McGarrigle bootlegs are very rare but this show was
released by Yellow Dog Records in 1998 together with some songs purporting to come from "St Sawyer" NYC 1996.11.15 (if the date is
correct this was actually Symphony Space, NYC). What we have here is the same source tape as the bootleg but if this is not the master
tape it is certainly closer to the master. Unfortunately there were a lot of mic cable connection problems in one channel which
suggested a stereo recording (which is what the boot maintains) but close listening and analysis of the waveform revealed that the
channels were virtually indistinguishable so I replaced faulty sections in one channel with a clone of the other channel.
The results are more than acceptable though the quality of the recording leaves much to be desired.