kamcg 1996-11-16e Tin Angel Philadelphia

Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Tin Angel
Philadelphia, PA

1996.11.16 early show

Love Is
Jigsaw Puzzle of Life
Swimming Song
D.J. Serenade
Heart Like a Wheel
Goin' Back to Harlan
Why Must We Die?
I Eat Dinner
Heartbeats Accelerating
Complainte pour Ste-Catherine
Kiss and Say Goodbye
(Talk to Me of) Mendocino

Band: Michel Pepin (guitars, bass), Joel Zifkin (violin)

information from the Kate & Anna McGarrigle concert chronology at

The first of two shows that evening. I do not have a copy of the recording of the second show
so if anyone feels generous enough to put that up I for one would appreciate it.

source: unknown (low?) gen cassette > unindexed CDR > EAC > indexed w Nero Wave Editor > flac > Dime

very good quality

more to follow