Kate and Anna McGarrigle,
Arena Theatre,
Sidmouth International Folk Festival,
Sidmouth, Devon, England,
August 2nd 1997

The Swimming Song
Going back to Harlan
Love is
Excursion a Venise
Entre La Jeunesse et la Sagesse
Heart Like a Wheel
Jacques et Gilles
Heartbeats Accelerating

I Eat Dinner
The Car Song
Donít Forget
Why Must We Die?
Complainte a Ste Catherine
Kiss and Say Goodbye
Talk to Me of Mendocino

In remembrance of the wonderful Kate McGarrigle, 1946-2010. She lives on in her music Ė buy the McGarrigle sistersí official
albums, and NEVER sell this recording, or pass it on in reduced format.

Recorded in the open air, sitting 6ft from the front of the stage with a Sony Pro Walkman and ECM 909A Microphone >
Audacity (slight volume boost) > Tracking CD Wave > Traderís Little Helper > FLAC

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bbbaaaa3a592185865119015c44bb628 *KaAM211.flac
684036b8157740dc39dd83914aab33c4 *Kate and Anna.ffp
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