Kate & Anna Mcgarrigle
Jane Mcgarrigle
Loudon Wainwright Iii [Guitar, Vocals]
Rufus Wainwright [Piano, Vocals]
Martha Wainwright [Guitar, Vocals]
Lily Lanken [Anna's Daughter]
Chaim Tannenbaum [Guitar, Vocals]
Michel Pepin [Guitar]
Joel Zifkin [Violin, Bass]
Dane Lanken [Lily's Father; Backup Vocals]

Indre Studios
Npr "Fresh Air" W/Ken Tucker
South Philadelphia, Pa
November 11, 1998
Re-Aired: May 1999 Wbur, Boston

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1St Half Of Radio Show

01.Intro By Ken Tucker
02.School Days [Kate & Anna, Rufus & Martha, Loudon & Chaim]
03.Interview Segment W/Loudon, Kate & Anna, Rufus
04.Beauty Mark [Rufus]
05.Interview Segment W/Loudon
06.Hitting You [Loudon]
07.Interview Segment W/Martha, Rufus

2Nd Half Of Radio Show

08.Interview Segment W/Kate
09.I Eat Dinner [Kate & Anna, Martha, Joel Zifkin]
10.Interview Segment W/Anna, Kate
11.Green Green Rocky Road [All]
12.Band Intros By Ken Tucker
13.Goodnight Sweetheart [All]
14.Outro By Ken Tucker

*Missing 'Skiprope Song' [Martha]