Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Glastonbury Festival
Acoustic Stage
Sunday 30-Jun-2002

01. Swimming Song
02. Going back to Harlan
03. Love Is
04. Petite annonce amoureuse
05. Skip Rope Song
06. Matapedia
07. Red Rocking Chair
08. The Car Song (Martha)
09. This Life (Martha)
10. Heart Like A Wheel
11. La Vache qui Pleur
12. Ah Sunflower
13. Green Rocky Road
14. Complainte Pour Ste Cathérine
15. MC / Outro

Duration: 1hr11m52s

a BCL recording

Kate McGarrigle
Anna McGarrigle
Michel Pepin
Joel Zifkin
Martha Wainwright
Lily Lanken
Sophie Therriaux

Source: Audience
Lineage: Master
Recording: Core Sound Binaural Mic w/battery box > Sony MiniDisc MZ-R30
TrackMark: Sony MiniDisc MZ-R30
Transfer: Sony MiniDisc MZ-RH1 > USB > SonicStage on PC > Traders Little Helper-Flac8
In TLH I used "Align on Sector Boundaries using Fix" as I think that MiniDisc does not align on Secor Boundaries

I found a useful article about a show from the week before, here:

I first became aware of the McGarrigles through cover versions by other bands I liked, like Heidi Berry's cover of "Heart Like A Wheel". I finally got to see Kate & Anna play in Dublin in 1996 and I was totally hooked.

I had to wait until 2002 to see them again, this time they were headlining the Acoustic Stage at Glastonbury, which is housed in a huge oval tent, and feels almost like a "proper" venue. You only get a half-hour to switch around between bands, and it took an age for their gear to be set up. With precious time slipping by, the crowd were getting increasingly agitated, added to by the fact that the band were clearly visible (and audible) on stage behind the net curtain trying to get the mix right. They finally started about the time that they were meant to finish, and what followed was a truly wonderful show, that I felt privileged to witness (as all of their shows I've seen have been).

I went close to the front right to record the show. Listening back to it now, I'd say its one of my best recordings from my 25 years of taping shows. I felt compelled to share this with the Dime community once I heard the sad news of Kate's death.

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