Fine mono audience recording of a classic performance. Sound is clear throughout
but somewhat thin, and applause is in proportion.
This is one of a series of performances over about a week at this venue. CBC may
have recorded more than one so this set may not be the source of the FM broadcasts.

Kate &Amp; Anna Mcgarrigle
Toronto, ON -- Premiere Dance Theatre
1990-08-17 -- 100:58

Disc one: (45:48)
01. -intro-
02. -talk-
03. Swimming Song
04. -talk-
05. As Fast As My Little Feet Can Carry Me
06. -talk-
07. DJ Serenade
08. I'm Losing You
09. -talk-
10. Leave Me Be
11. -tuning, talk-
12. Sun, Son
13. -talk-
14. (Talk to Me of) Mendocino
15. -talk-
16. Par un Dimanche au soir
17. -talk-
18. My Mother Is theOcean Sea
19. -talk-
20. Parlez-nous a Boire

Disc two: (55:10)
01. -talk-
02. You Tell Me that I'm Falling Down
03. -talk-
04. Gwen's Bike Song
05. -talk-
06. Kiss and Say Goodbye
07. -talk-
08. I Eat Dinner
09. -talk-
10. I Am a Diamond
11. -talk-
12. Na Cl
13. -talk-
14. J'ai tant danse
15. -talk-
16. The Wild Goose
17. -talk-
18. Love Is
19. -band intro-
20. Complainte pour Ste-Catherine
21. -talk-
22. Heart Like a Wheel
23. -talk-
24. Love Over and Over

d1t01: Karen Gordon

Kit Johnson - bass, guitar
Joel Zifkin - violin, bass
Jane McGarrigle - keyboards

Original recording had one channel with very low levels and other problems
and very little stereo separation. I copied the better one and pasted over
the other but staggered by .005 seconds to create some depth. Attemped EQ
was not to my satisfaction and so omitted here.

cassette master -> cassette
TC-WR79ES -> R500 (SBM) -> AT2496 -> Soundforge (trim, fades, minor editing) ->
CDwave (track cut) -> TLH (flac level 8, ffp, md5) - TLH (torrent) ->
DIME on 2013-04-27.
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Please pass on in lossless format only.
Do not profit in any material way from this recording.