Fine audience recarding of Kate and Anna with band and Rufus Wainwright on two songs.
The occasional mic bump and audience chatter do not detract from another excellent

Kate &Amp; Anna Mcgarrigle
Montreal, Qc -- Place Des Arts Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier
1992-06-15 -- 48:22

01. -talk-
02. Swimming Song
03. -talk, tuning-
04. DJ Serenade
05. -talk-
06. I Eat Dinner
07. -talk-
08. Heartbeats Accelerating
09. -talk-
10. Parlez-nous a boire
11. -talk-
12. Love Is
13. Heart Like a Wheel
14. -talk-
15. Entre la jeunesse et la sagesse
16. -talk, tuning-
17. Jigsaw Puzzle of Life [tape flip]
18. -talk-
19. Hard Times Come No More
20. -band intro-
21. Complainte pour Ste-Catherine
22. -applause-

note: opening for 'The Cheiftains'
t19, 21: w/ Rufus Wainwright

Kate McGarrigle
Anna McGarrigle
Michel Pepin - bass, guitar
Scott Lang - guitar
Joel Zifkin - violin

supplied mic -> MW-D3 (SAX-100 cassette)
TC-WR97ES -> Sony R500 (SBM) -> M-Audio AP2496 -> Soundforge (@24 btit/48 khz;
trim, final fade, L2) -> r8brain (downsample) -> Soundforge (L2 dither) -> CDwave
(track split) -> TLH (flac (6), ffp, md5) -> TLH (torrent) -> DIME on 2012-08-26.

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